Fixing a Corrupt Navigation Pane in Ms Outlook

The Ms Outlook捕获 email client has a formidable reputation in the market today due to its extensive set of well thought out and class leading features. Even though it retains the place as the most popular desktop email client in the world, some people try to label it as a buggy product. While this is not true, Outlook does contain several flaws and one of this involves the propensity of its navigation pane to get corrupted. Once it occurs, several issues can crop up from the application failing to open to the favorite folder in Outlook drawing a blank. In some cases you may even be prevented from sending out an email if the Navigation pane has got botched up. Now if you believe that the navigation pane in your application has got messed up just follow the steps below to get it back in shape.


Resetting the Navigation Pane back in Order

  1. Click on the Start Menu in your Windows OS
  2. Depending on the version of the Windows iteration that you are using you would either find the Run window or a place to type commands
  3. In the relevant field, say the Run box, input the command “outlook.exe /resetnavpane”

This would lead to the navigation pane getting back in order and the issues you are encountering should get resolved.


An Application Reinstall may be needed in some cases

In some rare cases the navigation pane does not necessarily get back in shape due to a reset and one must go in for a complete application reinstall. Before you undertake the process it is important to backup your PST data files, which you can import back into the application after it has been reinstalled. Now when you are removing the Outlook application ensure that you remove all existing settings including registry options, so that a fresh install can work without any hassles.


PST Errors have the potency to whisk your emails away

PST errors are by far the most challenging aspect of using the Outlook email client. They can crop up at any time without even the slightest of the warning and can mess up your emails. So if you encounter one or have experienced an Outlook crash, you should immediately grab hold of an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair and retrieve your crucial email data. Now if you are not able to locate the PST files then you should use the tool to find it for you. Moreover the application is also useful for splitting up a large recovered file into smaller parts which can be easily managed. In fact the retrieved file can be broken down based on dates on the emails. Last but not the least the tool can also be used to recover PST files that have been saved on a Smartphone memory card or even on a Norton Ghost virtual image drive.


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