How to Find Values in Other Worksheets via VLOOKUP Function

In your worksheet, you will certainly create multiple worksheets in an Excel file. And sometimes certain values need to be used in another sheet. Therefore, you may use the VLOOKUP function to quickly find the values in other worksheets.

In an Excel file, the data in worksheets is sometimes not independent. And in one worksheet, you will need to use the values in other sheets. Copy and paste is one way. However, if you need to find certain values in a huge amount of data, you will spend a lot of time. So here you can use the VLOOKUP function to finish your work. And here is such an example:An Example of Sales Volume

This is a file of sales volume. And you need to calculate the bonus of employees with the job number of “2015”.To Calculate Bonus

Using VLOOKUP Function to Find Values

And now the following are the steps of using the VLOOKUP function to find certain values.

  1. Selected the cell where you want to input the value. And here we selected the cell “C2”.
  2. And then input the formula into the cell.

=VLOOKUP(A2,’sales volume’!$A$2:$G$19,7,0)

In this formula, A2 represent the job number, “sales volume” is the name of the first sheet. And you need to look up the corresponding total number in the area A2:G19. And in the original, the total number is the 7th column. So here we have this formula.

  1. And then press the key “Enter”. And you will get the value in the sheet of “sales volume”.The Corresponding Value
  2. Put your mouse to the bottom right corner and you will see the shape “+”. And now double click. And then the whole column will have the total number of certain employees.The Whole Column

After all the above steps, you can now calculate the bonus of each person. The VLOOKUP function can return the corresponding values in a column through different worksheets. And this function can be a good helper if you can use it sufficiently. In addition, you need to be careful that all the criteria should be correctly input. Otherwise the Excel cannot return your target.

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