How to Find and Delete Duplicate Contents in Your Excel

You will always deal with a bunch of data and information in Excel. So today we will talk about the Excel tips to find and delete duplicate contents in Excel.

It is widely admitted that you will sometimes input some wrong information into an Excel file. One of those errors is inputting repeatedly. And most of the time, the small error is not easy to be found. Hence Excel has a very smart feature that can help you rectify this problem. Thus, you can sort out the values that appear more than once and delete easily.

Find Duplicate Contents

In this image, you can see that there is the information about the sales volume of this sales representative.An Example for Duplicate Contents

Now you need to check if there is any error. And if you check those cells one by one, you must feel very tired. Therefore, you can follow the steps and find the errors easily.

  1. Select the area where you want to find the error. Here the first column is all the same, so we select the next two columns.
  2. Then click the “Conditional Formatting” in the ribbon.
  3. And then put the cursor on the first option. The new menu will automatically appear.Select Duplicate Values
  4. In this menu, click the option “Duplicate Values”. Thus, you will see a new window pop up.
  5. Click the small arrow of the first text box.
  6. In the drop-down menu, choose the option “duplicate”.Select the Option Duplicate
  7. If you want to highlight with a certain format, you can click the next arrow and set it.
  8. Now you can click “OK”. After all those steps, you will see that all the duplicate contents will have the new format.New Format

Apparently in the “Product” column, the “DatanNumen Excel repair” appears twice. And the numbers of quantity are same, so this is the error.

Delete Duplicate Contents

Now you have found all the errors, and you need to delete those items. But if it contains many duplicate contents, it is not suggested that you delete manually. So the following steps will tell you how to remove quickly.

  1. Select the target area.
  2. Click the table “Data” in the ribbon.
  3. Then click the button “Remove Duplicates”.Click Remove Duplicates
  4. And then you will see a new window. If in a certain column, you need to retain the value, you can uncheck the option.Select Column Contain Duplicates
  5. Now click “OK”.

Thus, the duplicate contents will disappear.The Duplicate Value Disappear

Saving Your Data from an Excel Corruption

Excel is not immune to the malicious virus and malware. So if you find your Excel file corrupt, you need to repair it. And a third party tool with the ability to recover Excel can be your good lifesaver.

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