How to Find Out All Cells with Same Values in a Row

With the amazing attributes in Excel, many people and companies select it as their first choice. Some of the Excel tips are still unknown to many users. Therefore, we will introduce the function to find cells cells with same values in a row in today’s article.

Excel has a function of filter. What’s more, it can select certain rows in one column with certain condition. However, sometimes you will need to select certain elements in a row. But the filter in Excel cannot achieve this function. Thus, we now have the function of finding out all cells with same values in a row.

An Example of Selecting Certain Elements

Here we have such a case: Michelle is a high school student, and she has attended 10 exams. The following image shows her scores in each test.Many Scores

Her parents want to know how many “A” she has got in each test. So they need to find cells with the value of “A”. If they select through the filter, it will be a little inconvenient. So here they can use the function of finding out all cells with same values in a row.

Steps of Selecting Certain Columns in a Row

  1. Selected the target area. And in the sample, we selected the area B2:J2.
  2. Press the key “Ctrl” and at the same time, click the first “A” in this row.Select the First A
  3. Press the key “Ctrl + g”.
  4. In the new window, click “Special”.Click Special
  5. In the pop-up window, select the option “Row differences”.
  6. Click “OK”.Select Row Differences
  7. Press the key “Ctrl+)”. And then you can see that all the other columns hide. And only the cells with “A” remain.The Columns Remain

And now you will know that Michelle got three “A” in the first test. And if you want to show all the other columns, press the key “Ctrl +z”. And then all the hidden columns will appear. For other tests, you can also use this way. Of course, in your actual Excel files, there will be hundreds of columns. If you can apply this method to find cells in your Excel, your work efficiency can be improved greatly.

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