Fighting Spam is a Continuous Effort – Report Spam in Outlook

The InternetSpam today is deluged by the amount of spam emails going through its networks. In fact many ISPs are increasingly applying stringent measures to check the flow of spam and yet despite their best efforts, spam continues to grow. From blacklisting servers to bringing down botnets that spawn spam emails, companies are doing everything in their power to stop spam. However fighting spam is a continuous effort and every one of us must play out little part in stopping spam. Now if you receive a spam email in your mailbox you should not just delete it but instead report it. Once you report a message as spam, the information goes to Microsoft for further analysis. Moreover Microsoft uses such information from countless users along with information from its hosted email platforms to improve spam filters.


Reporting Spam Emails in Outlook

At the very outset you must understand that there is no native reporting feature available in Outlook. You need to first download the Junk Email Reporting tool from Microsoft’s site and install it. The plug-in incidentally is extremely compact and rarely consumes any system resources. Once the plug is in place, just select the email message which you consider as spam and then click on the Report as Junk and Delete option from the toolbar.


Quick Tips to Block Spam Emails in Outlook

While reporting spam will go a long way in improving spam filters in the long run, in case you are looking to prevent spam from entering your mailbox, you should learn to work the Junk filter options in Outlook to your advantage. To begin with you can choose the Junk settings as High and place the most common email Ids that send you spam emails, in the Blocked Sender’s list. Going forward you can create rules to target tricky spam emails that pass through the small filters due to their innovative use of subject line text.


Dealing with the aftermath of an Outlook crash can be a tricky job

If your Outlook application has crashed then there may be several issues you may be looking at hand. If you are plain lucky, just restarting the application may get it back in line. However in a large of number of cases, an Outlook crash would make your data unavailable and you need an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to bring back the lost emails. It is important to note that this powerful recovery tool can not only get back your emails but also all other data stored in Outlook including lead data that you may have stored in the Business Contact Manager feature. Further the tool is way more sophisticated than the basic Inbox Repair tool from Microsoft and has rather high success ratio in recovering data from thoroughly compromised PST data files. It also is rather effective in breaking up a large recovered PST data file into small and more stable parts.


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