Fighting Spam Emails is an Ongoing Challenge in Outlook

Of late both countries thand ISPs have made conscious effort to remove the scourge of spam emails from the Internet. Yet their best efforts which included filling lawsuits were only able to produce limited results. Even companies like Microsoft have played their bit and have used sophisticated algorithms to spot and stop spam emails. In fact the latest iterations of Outlook are equipped to detect a variety of spam emails in an efficient manner. However all this have not stopped spammers from flooding your mailbox and increasingly they are adapting their message. From using creative subject lines to mask the content of their emails or placing ambiguous text to throw off spam filters, a host of techniques are being successfully used. When spammers are innovating, there is now way you can just place a certain junk setting in Outlook and relax. In fact you need to actively fight spam and we have listed some tips to get you started.


Actively Block Senders who submerge you in Spam

When we receive a spam email, most of us just delete the email. However it would do a lot of good if you actively block that sender. In case you suspect a domain of sending repeated spam emails, you can even block it too.


Adapt and Create Relevant Rules to Check Spam

Outlook rules can be used to block emails that normal spam filter settings cannot track. For example if you find certain spam messages to contain a specific text string, you can create a rule in Outlook to block messages that contain them. With Rules you have the flexibility to block the kind of spam emails you typically tend to receive.


Disable country specific domains that you suspect of sending out junk emails

Lately some geographic domain names like .tk are generating a great deal of spam traffic. Now if you do not really have any business transaction with that specific geography, you can choose to block it. In Ms Outlook you can effectively block an entire top level domain name by visiting the International tab of Junk email options.


All Contacts and Templates can get lost in an Outlook crash

Many advanced Outlook users are perennially afraid of PST related Outlook crashes as they have the potency to compromise everything that is possibly stored in the application. From the detailed journal entries you made to templates which have been created with lots of effort can go away in a second. In fact even your precious contacts can vanish without a warning. Given the extensive damage that an Outlook crash can potentially bring on you, it is prudent to opt for a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair which save you from losing your crucial data. This powerful program has all the right hooks needed to bring back every data element that was stored in the application and it can do so in a relatively quick span of time.


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