Fight Spam in Ms Outlook – Basic Steps that all of us can take

In this article we will cover the core essentials for preventing spam from entering our Outlook Mailbox.

Fight Spam in Ms Outlook – Basic Steps that all of us can take

One of the biggest problems that any user can face while using an Outlook mailbox or any other mailbox is the problem of junk messages. Keeping this thing in mind, Microsoft included the very essential feature called the Spam Filter, which is in-built in MS Outlook. This feature has been developed to keep all the unwanted email messages at bay in a separate folder with the name of Junk or Spam Folder. Read on to acquaint yourself with why and how to use Spam Filter while working in MS Outlook.
For those of you, who are still not aware of what actually is meant by Spam, then here is the definition. Basically, spam is a set of identical messages that are sent to a number of recipients in the form of email messages. When the recipient clicks on these spam emails, their device get affected by malware virus through the links of the phishing websites that are the hosts of these viruses.
Using the Spam Filter is very easy in MS Outlook. As the name suggests, this feature filters a bulk of unwanted emails in your mailbox and collects them in a folder called Junk Email Folder. To enable the built-in Spam Filter in Outlook, you first need to go to the Home Tab and then select the Junk Option. You will then see Junk Email Options listing a number of options and you can choose options as per your choice to control spam. Lastly, click Ok and you are done.
The best thing about the Spam Filter is that it provides you with a choice of Junk Email Filter Lists to choose from. With this list, you can actually control the spam in a more effective manner. There are in all, five types of lists including, firstly, a Safe Sender List, that will never junk a message from this list of senders in the junk folder. Secondly, a Blocked Sender List, that will automatically junk the emails from these senders in the junk folder. Thirdly, a Safe Recipient List that is a list of recipients that are never considered junk senders. Fourthly, a Blocked Encoding List is there to block the unwanted messages in the form of special codes or characters. Lastly, a Blocked Top Level Domain List that blocked spam messages from different countries and regions.
However, you are advised to check the junk folder once in a while to see if any important message has been junked in it by mistake and if it happens, you can easily drag it back in the Inbox or mark it as not a junk item. This can be done by going on the Home Tab and then to the Delete Tab. You will be required to click on Junk option and then choose the Not Junk Option.

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