Fields in Outlook Advanced Find Can be Used to Speed Up Searches

For an searchOutlook user who has to search for specific information from thousands of emails, the Advanced Find feature comes across as a boon. It offers him the chance to restrict his searches by time, say emails sent or received in the last month only, and thus improve response time. Similarly Outlook allows you to narrow down your search to only those emails that carry an attachment. While all these features come rather handy in making quick searches in Outlook, to really narrow down your focus you should use fields.


Working with Field Options in Ms Outlook Advanced Find

To start with you need to first launch the Advanced Find screen and in it move to the Advanced tab. In the bottom left corner of the screen you will find the Field button. It typically appears under Define More Criteria label. Now when you click on the Field button you get choices to select the fields to which you want to narrow the search. For example if you click on Frequently used fields, you would find options like CC, Due by, From, Sensitivity etc. Now let say you choose Flag status from frequently used fields, you will find yourself with options to define the qualifying criteria. For this you will have to choose Condition, say equals, and Value, say Completed, from the drop down options. The search would then restrict itself to those emails which meet the conditions and value specified for the given field, in this case, flagged messages that had been labeled as completed.


Moving on there are several field groups that you can choose from, based on your need. You can select the Post fields and narrow down messages that have been Deferred or check messages that have been Retrieved in a given time period. You would also find options to choose user defined fields which are essentially custom fields that you may have created.


A key part about Advanced Find is that, you can add multiple criteria based on the fields you choose and Outlook search would have to match all those defined criteria. In case you wish to remove a specific criteria from the search list, just select it and click on Remove.


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