Extracting Zip files from a Damaged DVD drive

When it came to storing our data, music and movies in an easily accessible manner, the ubiquitous DVD disks seemed to be a perennial favorite. Apart from the fact that it could easily store few GB of data while costing less than 30 cents apiece, their ease of storage too has contributed hugely to its popularity. Most of us today have a large collection of DVDs and at times some of them fail to work properly. From scratched disk to moisture, there can be a host of reasons that can lead to a damaged DVD. Now if you have landed yourself with a damaged DVD, you need to look at ways to recover the data. And in case it contains zip archives, the process becomes even trickier. Let’s look at the key steps to follow


Clean Up the Disk surface

At the onset you need to clean the disk surface with a soft cloth and avoid frantic scratching. You can also use a commercial disk cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol to clean up the disk.

Try to Read the Disk

Next you should attempt to read the disk. In case you are able to read the disk and view the data, simply copy it to your system without wasting a second. In case the disk is still not readable then you should try opening it in another system. It is always better to view the disk in DVD writer drive than a simple DVD reader drive as the former has a more accurate track viewing capacity.

Use a Disk Repair Machine

In case you are still not able to completely view the data on your drive, you should try to use a CD refinishing machine to extract the contents of disk. You are likely find them at large music stores and they should help you alleviate the issue at a very reasonable cost. Once you are able to access the data, even if it is appearing as corrupted, just transfer the same onto your system.

Recovering Zip archives from a Damaged DVD

If you have used the options listed above and are still experiencing difficulty in extracting the contents of the zip archive from a damaged DVD then you need to get hold of a specialist fix zip tool like DataNumen Zip Repair to reach your valuable data. This cutting edge software is capable of extracting zip archives from removable media in quick time and the whole process is quite easy to execute. Apart from DVDs, the software can also recover zip archives from flash drives and removable hard drives too. One of the interesting facets about the software is its capacity to recover all zip files that you have on a corrupted DVD in one go, thanks to its batch recovery option.  The application is a must have if you use zip archives to backup your data as it would ensure you, continued access to your valuable data.


Author Introduction:

Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including zip repair and rar repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com .




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