Extracting Email IDs from the Outlook Mail Client

If there is anything that can help you grow your business fasteremail-extractor-software than your competition then it’s the extent of business contacts that you have. Over time you would end up communicating with hundreds of prospects and many at times fall out of radar. Thus its is a prudent idea to keep a list of your prospects in database or spreadsheet and use the same for outreach activities by using newsletters and online email marketing tools such as MailChimp. However you may experience a situation where bulk of the prospects that you have interacted are stored in the Ms Outlook client. In such a case it would become imperative for you to transfer the contact details into an Excel sheet or even a database file.


  • Exporting Contacts to an external file

The way you can export contacts from Outlook mail client may vary a bit as per the version you have in our system. In Outlook 2003, all you need to do is click on the Import and Export option and in the subsequent screen comes, choose the option Export to a file. You would receive the option to choose the output file format. For example you can select the Ms Excel format from the given list. Once you click on the Next button you would come across a screen which shows all the folders from which you will need to find the Contacts folder and proceed ahead. In the subsequent screen you will get the option to set output location and assign filename to the output file. In the next screen you would be asked to confirm the action. Further you would also get the chance to map fields from Contact details to the output file. You can either use a default map or manually map each field by dragging them across from the Outlook contact pane in the left to the output file pane in the right. Once you have completed the mapping click on ok and then on Finish to complete the process.

In case of Outlook 2010 the process is slightly different. You need to first click on the Options tab under the File menu and in the relevant screen click on Advanced and then on Export. Next you need to select the Output to file option, choose the required file format and in the next window select Contacts from the folder list and move ahead with the process. Mapping functions remain nearly the same and whole process can be completed with ease.


  • Corruption of .pst files can place your Contacts data at risk

The Outlook application has an uncanny susceptibility to logical errors and its .pst files are often the first victims. Now if your .pst files have got compromised then the data contained in your contacts too may become unreachable for you. In case you come across such a scenario we suggest that you get hold of the finest repair pst application available today, namely DataNumen Outlook repair. Combining the dexterity of an advanced data extraction tool and an intuitive interface, this remarkable application would invariably be your first choice whenever you experience any issue with .pst files. Further it capacity to extract varied forms of Outlook data and its optimum performance places its way above its peers.


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