How to Export Specific Items in Outlook Contacts

It is known that contacts contain name, company, email, etc. How can we export specific items, such as only name and email addresses?

As we all know, a contact includes various elements, such as name, company, e-mail, phone number, address, etc. As usual, we are accustomed to fill in the items as much as possible. However, when we export contact data to an external file, sometimes we may be required to only extract the specific items, not all items. In such scenarios, how can we select and export specific items with ease?

Outlook import and export wizard

Utilize Outlook Import and Export Wizard

When it comes to export something from Outlook, its in-built tool, i.e., “Import and Export Wizard” will occur to users’ mind. Thus it is unnecessary to utilize any other external tools.

  1. For a start, go to “File” menu.
  2. Click “Open” and “Import”. A popup window of “Import and Export Wizard” will arise.
  3. Then we should select “Export to a File” and click “Next”.
  4. Next we should choose a file of type. To be honest, “Comma Separated Values” is recommended. Choose it and click “Next”.
  5. After selecting “Contacts”, it will turn to “Save the file as” item. We should click “Browse” to select concrete storage location and type in a name as you wish.
  6. Finally if done those above, click “OK” and “Next”.

Map Custom Fields to Select Specific Items

Configuring Import and Export Wizard is only a start. The most significant step is to map custom fields, by which we can simply pick out specific items and then export them.

  1. Click “Map Custom Fields” button.
  2. Click “Clear Map” button to clear up all defaulted mapping fields.
  3. Just locate the specific items in the left box and drag them to the right box.
  4. Click “OK” to save the customizing process.
  5. Click “Finish”. It will start to export automatically.

Eventually, we can go to the concrete storage location we’ve selected before and find a file in type of MS Excel CSV, which can be opened by MS Excel. Open it, and we will see all contacts’ specific items.

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