Exploring the Key Advantages of Contacts Feature in Ms Outlook

The Ms Outlook application comes loaded bigstock-contact-us-vector-icon-e-mai-23314499with a host of features that are designed to help you communicate with people in a more efficient manner. The Contacts feature is shining example of this philosophy whereby Microsoft has tried to predict all possible information that one would like to keep about a contact. Besides the typical information about names and phone numbers, in Outlook Contacts you can add images, messenger links, fax numbers and in Outlook 2013, social media profiles too. In other words Contacts can serve as your comprehensive directory for people with whom you wish to remain in touch with. However contacts feature can be used to do much more as we discuss below.


Contacts can be used to Track Activity

When you click on a specific contact in the list, his entire details shows up on the screen. Now when you go to the Activities tab for the contact you can see of host elements from the emails sent to the contact to Notes that have been shared with that individual. Moreover you can view any appointments that were made or are scheduled with the specific contact.


Use Certificates to perform Secure Communication with a specific Contact

The contacts feature in Outlook allows you to perform secure communication with other users. To do so you need to visit the Certificates tab in the contact screen of an user and import digital signatures. Also you can receive a digitally signed e-mail from a given contact to process the certificate.


Add User Defined Fields to your Advantage

In the contact feature, under the All fields tab, you can click on New, which appears on the bottom of the screen, to create a field of your choice. For example in older versions of Outlook you can create field to enter a person’s Twitter handle. When you create a field, Outlook allows you to define the field type and choose any corresponding format.


Outlook users should be aware of its critical flaws

If you happen to use Outlook for business emails or for managing your primary email accounts then you should also be aware of its critical shortcomings. The biggest risk that an Outlook user can possibly face involves lose of the stored emails and other data due to PST file corruption. The underlying PST data files in the Ms Outlook application are sensitive to various technical aspects and have tendency to get compromised. Now as a regular user of Outlook it would be prudent to expect that the application may crash at any point in future and keep in place a contingency plan to recover data in case of an situation. With a proficient pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook repair at your disposal, you can be absolutely sure that even during a crash you could get back your data with ease. Moreover the application can also be used to perform maintenance tasks like breaking up large PST files or be used as an e-discovery tool.


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