Exploring the awesome features of People Hub in Ms Outlook 2013

In this article we would look at how the People Hub feature in Outlook 2013 has changed the way you can communicate with your contact via Ms Outlook.

Exploring the awesome features of People Hub in Ms Outlook 2013

Microsoft, one of the leading IT companies of the world, left no stone unturned while launching its new MS Outlook 2013 version. From Message Preview to Themes, an array of features has been included in this latest Outlook version. One such new feature that has been appreciated by nearly everyone is the People Hub. This new feature has been especially designed to make Outlook more social than it ever was for its users. Read on to know in depth about this new and interesting feature called People Hub and its importance in MS Outlook 2013.
Essentially the People Hub feature gives you the power to not only view your contact lists but also to check your email messages from different email accounts online. This is not all; People Hub enables you to watch out for the updates from various social networking websites like LinkedIn and FaceBook. Sounds interesting, isn’t? In today’s socially active life, who doesn’t wants to stay connected through social media and this feature gives you this advantage right in Outlook.
However, remember it depends solely on you whether you wish to allow your friends to see your recent activities or contacts on not. In other words, if you permit people you know to check your updates only then they can watch it and this can be done through changing the privacy settings. Once, you set privacy settings in such a way that you allow your known contacts to check your updates, you too can check their recent activities from Outlook.
If you are now thinking how to use People Hub Feature in Outlook, then there are a few easy steps to enable it. You just need to connect your MS Outlook with the social networking sites like LinkedIn and FaceBook. Simply, go to File Menu and select Account Settings. After this, click on Social Network Accounts. Once you reach this option, you will be required to enter a username along with the password that is used for LinkedIn and FaceBook accounts. Then, MS Office will show you the recent photos, activities and contact data of known people from these social networking websites.
The best part about People Hub is that Microsoft has even updated it with a better and cleaner User Interface. The sole reason for it was to make Outlook more accessible. Moreover, it enables you with better communication with your known contacts right from your Outlook Preview Pane. As the name suggests, People Hub really allows you to be surrounded by people of your choice anywhere and everywhere.

Even the best things in the world may have flaws and it is true for Ms Outlook 2013
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