Exploiting the Power of Business Contact Manager Add-on in Ms Outlook

The Business Contact Manager Add-on for Outlook is often overlooked by an average Outlook business user despite its rich feature set.

Exploiting the Power of Business Contact Manager Add-on in Ms Outlook
For many small business owners and sales professionals, the Ms Outlook client serves as the default tool for maintaining communication with their clients and prospects. However a large section of such users are yet to exploit the power of the Business Contact Manager (BCM) Add-on for Outlook. For those of you who are unaware of what we are talking about, let us acquaint you with it. Business Contact Manager of BCM is an add-on especially designed for MS Office Outlook to help out the small business owners tired of using the costly CRM tools or making to do with absence of CRM software. The best thing about BCM is that it is absolutely free irrespective of amount of data you save in it. Let’s explore the BCM add-on detail starting with the rationale behind its existence.
It has been surveyed that a majority of small businessmen are fond of using Microsoft Outlook for saving information, be it for personal or official reasons. Business Contact Manager has been introduced as an add-on for such business owners, so that they can easily manage their official relationships in a more effective way. Moreover, with this add-on, business owners are not restricted to save their personal data, be it in emails or calendars like they earlier used to.
The best part of BCM is that is comes with a capacity of 10GB in its free SQL database that is mainly used for tracking the interactions between their current customers and the potential ones via an efficient customer service in the form of phone calls, emails or documents. BCM also helps you to visualize your current business status by giving options for sales funnels. Although, BCM was first introduced in the year 2003, improvements have been seen in later iterations.
The BCM add-on in Outlook enables you to see the development of your business or customer relationship by connecting your Account records with the Contact records. This is not all; it comes with the facility to edit your forms by customizing how you want your data to be organized. You can easily assign tabs and different filters to the business contacts. The list of features in BCM doesn’t ends here; it also provides better synchronization and allows you to not only view but also edit business contacts from Windows Live Contacts, SharePoint or Outlook. If you wish to excel in the list of your sales cycles, then BCM is the one sure shot solution to achieve it.
When compared with a typical CRM, BCM is free for use, while most CRM commercial costs a tidy sum per user. Now, if you are wondering from where to get the BCM or the Business Contact Manager for your Outlook, just visit the Microsoft’s Download Center of Outlook, 2003, 2010 and 2013.
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