Excel with Excel

Of all the Microsoft applications that have turned into essential business tools in the past three decades, few can be said to hold more importance than the iconic green Excel. This program allows even minimally trained users to create and manage vast projects and data sets from day one. With proper training and software experience, Excel offers unbeatable levels of performance. In recent years there have been some new developments that a casual, or even business level Excel user might be interested in, read through these to see if you can add a new tool to your Excel bag.

Make it Flashy

New to Microsoft Excel 2013 was the intriguing tool named “Flash Fill” this tool uses predictive algorithms to track changes and work being done real time on a spreadsheet to preemptively guess the work you are doing and take care of it for you beforehand. At any time during the spreadsheet construction process, Flash Fill can be accessed underneath the ‘Home’ tab, though it will be of most effective when a new column, row, or block is being created via recognizable systematic input. Explore this new feature in order to acquaint yourself with its abilities and limitations and you will be able to save yourself lots of repetitive, tedious, transcription.

Take Recommendations

One important tool offered by excel is its ability to combine numerical charts and data into graphic designs that are more easily interpreted and understood. Sometimes it can be difficult to discern which information is significant enough to merit a graphical presence, however. This is where the new ‘Recommended Charts’ tool by Excel can play a key role. It uses more predictive software to search for patterns and relations within data so that when it is graphically represented the portions that show substantial variability or correlation will be highlighted more prominently. It also tracks user chart creation to predict what characteristics will be needed for the creation of any given graph or chart

Recover at Will

Like any other documents stored within a software application, Excel spreadsheets face potential risk from malware and code errors. Fortunately a field of software tools has been developed to fight such problems. Programs like this Excel repair tool offer an immediate response that can repair the damage resulting from a malware assault with ease and ensure complete data reconstruction.

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