How to Ensure the Title is Printed on Every Page when Printing Excel Worksheets

Excel is very helpful in work because it allows you to input a lot of data and information. Besides, you can print it on paper to finish your work. And today we have the Excel tips to ensure printing title on every page.

Sometimes, in your work, you will print an Excel file on paper. Besides, in most of the time, one piece of paper is not big enough to print all the information. And certainly, you need to print several pieces of paper. Thus, a problem exists that on the other paper, there is no title. So it is very inconvenient to check the category because you need to check the previous page. For example, here is a worksheet of student scores, and you need to print it. But in the printing preview, you will find that there are two pages. And in the second page, there is no title.Two Pages in Printing Preview

And if you can print the title on every page, you can save a lot of time and energy to check. So here is a way to accomplish this target.

Printing Title on every Page

  1. Click the “Page Layout” tab on the ribbon.
  2. And now click the button of “Print Titles” on the ribbon.Click Print Titles
  3. And then you will see a new window pop up. In the “Rows to repeat at top”, input the title row into the text box.Rows to Repeat at Top
  4. And then click “OK”. Now you have finished all the settings. To check whether it will print on every page, you can still see in the printing preview.The Title in the Second Page

You will see that the title is also in the second page. And now you can print it without any worry.

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  1. If you want to print a workbook title on every page as well as all the column headings, I would use Insert –> Header & Footer –> then enter your workbook title at the top page view where it says “Click to add header.”

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