Enable Automatic Whitelisting of People that you send email in Outlook

In order to avoid spam filters from blocking emails from people you deem important, you can choose to whitelist their email IDs in Outlook.

Enable Automatic Whitelisting of People that you send email in Outlook
Has it ever happened to you that one of your important email messages got lost in the junk or spam folder and you deleted it by mistake? Well, this will not happen anymore, if you switch to MS Outlook and acquaint yourself with the interesting and rather say, safe way to whitelist people in your mailbox. Read on to know more about the detailed way of enabling automatic whitelisting of people in your MS Outlook mailbox.
In Ms Outlook, you can use the Automatic Whitelisting feature and save your important messages from getting junked in the spam folder. In fact the Safe Senders List feature of MS Outlook has been designed to keep messages from the chosen list of senders in the mailbox and avoid marking them as spam. It is just the opposite of the commonly used Block Senders List feature that was introduced to block receiving emails from unwanted senders.
As the name suggests, Safe Senders List can be used to download even the remote images automatically in the safe folder. However, this is not allowed to be downloaded in the default settings of MS Outlook, perhaps for some privacy reasons. Not only is the new Safe Senders List feature easy to use but also quite handy to create a whole list of your known and safe contacts.
Now, have a look at how you can actually create whitelist of contacts from whom you can safely receive emails in Outlook 2013. All you need is to open your mailbox and see that the Home tab displayed on the ribbon remains visible and active. Then, click on Junk Option that is there under the Delete section. You are then free to choose the Junk Email Options that are present in the menu.
The procedure to use the Safe Senders List feature varies a bit in the Outlook 2007 version. There you again have to first open your mailbox and then click on the section called Actions tab in the ribbon at the top. Then, click on the option of Junk Email and choose the Junk Email Options that is available there in the menu. After this, just click the Safe Senders tab and watch out that the option of automatically add people or email to the Safe Senders List is ticked yes. Lastly, click on Ok and you are done.
So, next time, don’t leave space for repenting later on and also don’t compromise in protecting your mailbox from getting spammed. Simply, use Safe Senders List feature to enable automatic whitelisting of people to receive emails only from safe contacts in your Outlook mailbox. Remember that emails received from any of your safe senders list contacts are never junked in the spam folder and are never blocked unless and until you remove this setting.

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