Empty Favorite Folders Can be a Pointer to a Serious Error

If folders added under Favorite Folders in Outlook get deleted or come up as blank, it is likely that you are looking at a potentially serious error.

Empty Favorite Folders Can be a Pointer to a Serious Error

In the Outlook application it is possible to place folders that you commonly use under the Favorite Folder section. Typically Favorite Folders show up in top left pane and give you the chance to access important data quickly. In some cases after you have added folders to the Favorite Folder section, they may seem to vanish next time you launch the Outlook application. In some rare cases, the folders appear in their place but the contents fail to show up. While you may be tempted to think that it is a quirk associated with Outlook, the real cause can be quite serious. Let’s look at resolving the issue by following a series of steps to isolate the issue.

Start with the very basics by checking the folder name

To start with you can check whether the folders that you are attempting to add in the favorite section contain special characters. The check should also extend to files contained in those folders. When you place a file with special characters in its name, it may not work well in the navigation pane where the Favorite folders are located.

Properly close the Outlook Application

Next ensure that you properly close the Outlook application after adding a folder to the Favorite section. This will ensure the folders get saved in the desired place.

Consider Resetting the Navigation Pane

If the steps listed above fail to resolve the issue then you are looking at a serious corruption issue. To resolve the same, reset the Outlook navigation pane by going to the Run box in Windows and keying in “outlook.exe / resetnavpane”

Other possible causes

There are several other probable causes which can induce such a behavior in Outlook. Conflicting Add-ins are often to blame for such issues and you can evaluate the ones that you added recently. In some cases the Mail profile itself may get messed up and you may have to create a new one from scratch.

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