Effective Application to Recover Your Lost PST Data

Technological failures or loopholes, ignorance7AI51y0X, environmental dictates, among other factors make loss of data inevitable. Everyone who has owned a PC, a phone or a tablet can attest to that. Data loss is majorly caused by software failure though hardware loss or physical damage to parts also plays a manifest role. Users of Microsoft Office Outlook also face a challenge originating from loss of data caused by deletion or corruption of PST files.

MS Outlook data loss is mainly caused by hardware failure, abrupt shutdown, virus attacks some other relevant software issues. Furthermore, the PST files are easily bound to get damaged when they exceed the limit size, often 2GB. Sometimes, the shared PST files also cause problems, which might become difficult for the user to overcome. This results in the loss of the PST file itself or the inability of the user to access its contents.


  • DataNumen as a Demonstrable Solution

DataNumen, an advanced Outlook repair program, is a very powerful and dynamic recovery tool for Microsoft Outlook’s PST files. By making use of advanced and extensive technologies to scan the corrupt PST files, it is able to recover the mail messages, folders, meeting requests, contacts, distribution lists, task requests, journals, posts, notes, and others. These files are recovered as much as possible and the loss or corruption is effectively laid at bay.

This recovery software supports the outlook versions of 97-2007. Apart from just recovering such important files, it is capable of recovering them in a variety of formats, including plain text, RTF, and HTML. The attachments included in the messages are also recovered, and these attachments can either be pictures, or documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) or even the embedded HTML bodies.

The DataNumen Outlook Repair supports the recovery of the PST file, which ranges in size from 2GB to about 17,000,000 TB. For convenience, the larger PST files are split into a number of smaller files. This software supports the recovery of the password protected PST files. The protection can either be compressible encryption or the high encryption; the file will still be restored. This software also supports the conversion of the PST file from one version of Outlook format into another, i.e. Outlook 97-2002 into Outlook 2003/2007 format.

Interestingly, this software has the feature to repair the PST files on the corrupted media as well. These include the floppy disks, zip disks, CDROMs, and others. The reparation of an entire batch of the PST files is also supported and executed. If however, one does not want the entire batch, the user has the option to manually select which of the files to repair.  This product of DataNumen Inc. features extensive support integration with the Windows Explorer, as this provides ease of the context menu by which an outlook PST file can be repaired. A drag and drop operation is also included in this software, and it also supports the command line parameters. There are several other options included as well to add ease of use.


Author Introduction:

Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including sql recovery and outlook repair software products. For more information, visit www.datanumen.com.

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