Easily Restore Your Data with Outlook Repair

woman_with_hammerMicrosoft Outlook is a fantastic tool for organizing a variety of data, both personal and business. Businesses of all sizes use Outlook to manage communications and keep teams connected. A few of the features of Outlook that assist in our everyday life are:


  • maintaining contact information

  • calendar

  • appointment and meeting request scheduler

  • receiving and sending email messages

  • posts

  • tasks

  • distribution lists


Each are managed through PST files on your computer. But what if your personal computer or business network is subject to an assault by malware?


In today’s digital environment, malware is the biggest threat to security and can corrupt and damage your personal files. Often, malware infects your computer through what may seem as an innocent attachment in an email. Once you have opened the attachment and find that it doesn’t mean anything to you, the damage is already done. Aside from email, you can pick up malware from websites or other infected downloads.


But there is another way that a PST file can be corrupted. When a PST file has grown to the 2GB threshold, the file becomes corrupted and you no longer have accessibility to that file. The Outlook program has a built in crop tool that will reduce the size of the file to under 2GB however, you have no control over what file the crop tool may delete to bring the file under the mark.


Because of this uncertainty, you may want to consider utilizing our Advanced Outlook Repair. This program has been designed by DataNumen and is the most effective Outlook Recovery software on the market. It will help you to recover a corrupt PST file while maintaining the integrity of all of the data. It is highly recommended however, that you monitor the size of your PST file on a regular basis to avoid corruption.


Repairing Outlook is hassle-free with our data repair program. Simply order, install, and run. Our products are guaranteed and you won’t find another program on the market that recovers more data.

In addition to recovering Outlook data, we offer software for repairing Word, Excel, and SQL files, among others. If you order more than one product, you’ll receive a discount and everything is backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Recover your data with DataNumen today!

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