How to Easily Backup Your Outlook File by One Click Only

The method of copying Outlook files to make backups manually is out of date. This article will teach you to swiftly backup your Outlook file only via one right click.

In order to avert unexpected corruption, I used to back up my Outlook files manually once a week. However, in this process, I need to spend much time locating and positioning files via a myriad of clicks. By the following method, I can back up the Outlook files by one right click only.

Create a Right Click Command of “Backup”

  1. For a start, head to “Start Menu” and type “regedit” in the search field. You will see a program of “regedit”. Click it to open “Registry Editor”.Open Registry Editor
  2. Then the next step is up to your Outlook version. Now I will take Outlook 2010 as example. Thus in Outlook 2010, you would be required to find the key location – “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Outlook.File.pst.14.Locate "Outlook.File.pst.14" in Registry Editor
  3. When you locate Outlook.File.pst.14 key, double click it. You can see “Shell” and open it.
  4. Under “Shell”, you should create a new key. Right click “shell” and select “New key” from the context list. And assign a name to it, such as “Backup”.Create a New Key under Shell
  5. Next create another new key under “Backup” and name it as “command”.
  6. Pitch on “command” key, and double click the value name – “(Default)” in the right side of the screen.Double Click the Value Name - “(Default)”
  7. In the new popup dialog box, you need to specify the value data:

“C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c copy “%1” “< backup path>” /Y”

You can just copy the above value but modify “<backup path>” according to the concrete location of your own backups. For instance, if you store your backups at E:\Backup Location, you should replace <backup path> with E:\Backup Location.Specify Value Data of "Backup" Command

  1. Finally click “OK” to save the value and close Registry Editor.

After finishing all the above steps, you can go to the location of Outlook file. Right click the file. You will certainly see the “Backup” command in the right click menu. Select it and the file will be copied to the set backup location.Backup Right Click Option

To this method, it is also recommended to create a right click command of “Open Backup Location” so that we can utilize one click to access the backup file. Here are the concrete steps.

Create a Right Click Command of “Open Backup Location”

  1. Repeat step 1 to 3 in the above method.
  2. Then create a new key called “Open Backup Location” under “shell”. Then add another key of “Command” under “Open Backup Location”.
  3. Select “Command” and double click the value name “(Default)” in the right side to open the “Edit String” dialog.
  4. Next type the value – explorer.exe “< backup path>”. Similar to the above way, replace < backup path> with the true location of backups, such as E:\Backup Location.Specify Value Data of "Open Backup Location" Command
  5. Finally click “OK” and exit Registry Editor.

You can try it as well. Right click the Outlook file and you will absolutely see “Open Backup Location” option. Select it and the current screen will turn to the backup location window automatically.Open Backup Location Right Click Option

Make Backups at Regular Intervals

Due to the fact that Outlook is susceptible to corruption, making regular backups has become increasingly significant. No matter via right click command, copy and paste manually or by third party software, users should attach more importance to backups. Besides, it is also advisable to keep a repair tool handy, such as DataNumen Outlook Repair. It can recover Outlook files with minimum data loss.

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