Does a Desktop Email Client like Ms Outlook still make sense

In this article we would explore whether Ms Outlook still makes sense in an increasingly hyper-connected world where online platforms and cloud based solutions are making hey.

Does a Desktop Email Client like Ms Outlook still make sense

In last few years, the way we access emails have changed. Instead of just logging into our email client from desktop or a laptop, today we are accessing them from anywhere using Smartphones and tablets. Some experts believe that in our hyper-connected world online email platforms, especially those who offer synching via cloud architecture may find prominence. While this argument may have some merit, Outlook still remains potent and a case for the desktop email client remains strong. Let’s look at why Ms Outlook still merits a place in your system

Syncing Data with multiple devices with Ms Outlook is easy and Outlook apps are available for all platforms

Outlook today offers stellar synching features which allow you to access your emails from any device without having to bother about losing emails. Further apps for Ms Outlook are available for every platform including iOS and Android. In fact the Ms Office app from Microsoft is one of the biggest draws on the Apple App store.

Keeping a copy of your emails at hand is always a good practice

Outlook saves a copy of your emails locally and allows access to them without even accessing the internet. In fact all your contacts and calendar schedules are available with you and it comes rather handy when you are travelling through an area with poor internet connectivity.

An on premise Outlook application with an Exchange backbone still scores high on responsiveness and facilitates collaborative work

If you have been running Outlook in your office on an Exchange backbone, you have without doubt one of the best systems for collaborative work. From sharing calendars to booking resources and delegating work, Outlook makes several things possible which online platforms are still unable to achieve with equal ease.

Ms Outlook has very few serious issues and PST errors are one of them

The Outlook client is without a shred of doubt, the very best desktop email client that you can come across today. Moreover it is pegged down by very few serious issues and amongst them PST errors are the gravest ones. A PST related crash can be considered as a cesspool from where recovering your emails requires specialized pst recovery tools like the remarkable DataNumen Outlook Repair application. It is capable of handle the most gigantic PST files that you can throw at it and is also capable of recovering every possible data element stored in Outlook. Further it is equipped with capacity of splitting a large PST file into manageable parts. When it comes bringing back embedded objects stored within emails, the application is second to none. Also in case you are saving the Outlook files on a VMware virtual disk, the application can still come to your rescue in the event of a PST crash. Last but not the least, it can also help you trace the location of the crashed PST files which otherwise may not have showed up in a normal Windows search.

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