How to Divide Employees Based on the Parity of Their ID Numbers

Excel can help us finish many tasks, which has solved most of our problems. In addition, we will talk about how to divide groups according to the different ID numbers.

Suppose you are a manager of a company, and now you are making the plan of the year. You would divide your employees into two groups. Naturally, you will divide them according to the employee ID. The odd number is one group and the even number is another group.An Example to Arrange Number

And to input those numbers and names into two different worksheets, you can follow the steps and realize this function.

Divide Groups into Two Worksheets

  1. Click the target cell where you want to input the data.
  2. Input the formula into the cell:

=IF(ISODD(‘Employee Information’!A2),’Employee Information’!A2,””)

In this formula, you need to refer to the cell in the original worksheet. And if the number is odd, the number will also appear in the target cell. Else there will be no number in the cell.Input the Formula

  1. Move your mouse to the bottom right of the corner. And then you will see the shape of mouse like “+”.Drag Your Mouse
  2. Then drag your mouse and other numbers will automatically appear in the column.Numbers in the Column
  3. Now you need to input the names into the corresponding cell. Select the cell and input the formula into it:

= VLOOKUP(A2,’Employee Information’!A2:B19,2,0)

Thus, the name will appear in the cell.Input the Vlookup Formula

  1. Repeat step 3 and 4 and other name will also appear in the column.Name in the Second Column
  2. Now you need to input the even number and name into another worksheet. Select the target cell.
  3. Input the formula into it:

=IF(ISEVEN(‘Employee Information’!A2),’Employee Information’!A2,””)

Then this formula will find the even number in the original worksheet.

  1. Repeat step 3-6 and you will also get the result.Even Number in New Worksheet

Clear Blank and Error Cells

Don’t worry about the blank and error cells in the worksheet. The following steps are about how to remove those useless rows.

  1. Select column A.
  2. Then click the “Sort & Filter” button.Cancel the Filter
  3. Then in the new drop-down menu, choose the option “Filter”.
  4. And then you can see the small arrow in the first cell. Click it and you will see a new list.Select Blanks
  5. Now only check the option “Blanks”.
  6. And then click “OK”. Now you can see that only cells with blank and error appear in the worksheet.Blank and Error Cells
  7. Now delete those rows.
  8. Then click the “Sort & Filter” button.Cancel the Filter
  9. Still choose the option “Filter” and you will cancel the filter. Thus, the name list is completed. And for the second worksheet, you can also use this method.The Result

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