Dive Deep with Outlook’s Advanced Search Features

The Ms Outlook application from Microsoft isSearch-icon often touted as the best email client in vogue today and the reputation is not without a reason. The product comes with a rich bouquet of features that helps you to manage your emails in an effective manner and improve your overall productivity.  When we look at some of its sophisticated features, we tend to ignore the ubiquitous search option. The advanced search feature in Outlook is quite versatile and if used properly can drag out nearly every other email that you are looking to find.


Deep Dive with Advanced Search

As opposed to basic search, the advanced search option in Outlook is quite detailed and presents before you a wide set of choices to narrow down the search. Let’s explore it in detail.

Once you start the Advanced Search feature by clicking on Advanced Find or pressing the combination Ctrl+Shift+F, you are greeted with a screen that allows you to search for messages. In the first tab you would get the choice to place in the keywords you are looking to search for and then narrow it down by field. You can choose to search the keywords in the subject field only or check the entire message body. You can narrow down your search by remembering the person to which the email was sent or received. Further you can specify the time when the email was received or sent.

Once you run a search and still end up with a whole bunch of results, you can choose to narrow them by going to the More choices tab. Here you can restrict searches to messages which contain an attachment or sort by their importance. Moreover you can choose to search only those messages that have been flagged or even go for a case match. Next you can even choose to filter the email based on your recollection of the size of the email and specify the size in kilobytes.

If you have still not managed to drill down to the requisite results you can move the Advanced tab. Here you can choose your own criteria based on the extensive list of fields. In fact you can have a series of criteria which need to be met for a result to show up in the search results.


The Ms Outlook Application Remains Acutely Vulnerable to PST errors

Over the years Microsoft has tried to improve the Outlook application by a considerable degree and latest iterations are not only feature rich, they are way more robust that previous versions. Still they remain vulnerable to the perennial threat that has shadowed Outlook for years – PST file corruption. If the underlying Outlook files go for a toss, all your critical data comes at risk. Hence a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair makes great sense for business users who use the Outlook email client. It can help you recover your precious emails within a matter of minutes and is highly reliable. Moreover it can tackle large files with ease and can draw out all Outlook elements including contacts and attachments.


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