How to Disable Attachment Preview in Outlook for Security Considerations

By default, you can preview the received email attachments in reading pane. But at times, the attachments may carry embedded viruses. In order to prevent that case, you can directly disable attachment preview. This article will be a quick guide.

Generally speaking, when I receive an email with attachments, I prefer to preview them just in reading pane. It is pretty convenient. However, there are some potential security risks here. If the attachments encompass any macro codes or other types of security threads, my Outlook may be infected. Thus, in effort to block the hazards, I opt to disable the feature. Here are my approaches.

Disable Previewing All Attachment

  1. At the beginning, you should start Outlook application.
  2. After getting into the Outlook main interface, head to “File” menu please.
  3. Then you ought to locate and pitch on “Options” item.
  4. A new window of “Outlook Options” will pop up at once. You should switch to “Trust Center” tab.Trust Center Settings
  5. Under this tab, you could find and click on “Trust Center Settings” button.
  6. After that, you could see another new window of “Trust Center” will turn up. In this window, you should shift to “Attachment Handling” at first.
  7. And next in the right pane, you can locate the option – “Turn off Attachment Preview”. As you can see, it is unchecked by default. Thus if you would like to disable “Attachment Preview” feature, you could mark the checkbox.Turn off Attachment Preview
  8. Eventually click several “OK” until all the windows are closed and return to Outlook main window.

From now on, you won’t be able to preview all the email attachments in Reading Pane. You can have a try. Back to the mail list and select an email containing an attachment. Then turn to the reading pane and click on the attachment. You will discover that no attachment preview option shows up.

Disable Previewing Attachments in Specific Format

Aside from disabling previewing all attachments, you can also disable previewing specific kinds of attachments only.

  1. For a start, repeat the Step 1 to 6 in the first method.
  2. Below “Turn off Attachment Preview” option, click on a button – “Attachment and Document Previewers”.
  3. A new dialog box of “File Previewing Options” will open up. In it, you can deselect the files which you wish to disable attachment preview.Attachment and Document Previewer
  4. Finally click a series of “OK” to save the changes.

Be Cautious of Attachment Borne Viruses

Apart from Outlook internal errors, you should beware of other external threats, like viruses, malware and so on. As you know, attachment has become a popular medium to carry viruses. Thus you should never trust in, download and open the attachments in unknown emails. Otherwise, your Outlook data may be put at risk, and get damaged. In that case, the built-in PST repair tool, ScanPST won’t make effects. You have to make use of a remarkable tool, such as DataNumen Outlook Repair.

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