How to Design Your Favorite Business Card in Outlook

If you’re weary of default business card, you can customize it as per your preference. Here is a quick guide.

Boasting of its diverse capabilities, Outlook has not only served as a standalone email client, but also our private assistant. For instance, we are capable of managing quantities of contacts with effortless ease. Besides, when we attempt to create a new contact, it permits us to enter all sorts of information without any limitations. Undoubtedly just with Outlook we can deal with a majority of work.

Furthermore, Outlook contacts provide us with a good service, which is usually neglected by us. Perhaps many people are utilizing it but have no acquaintance with it. That is BCM, namely business contact manager, which is a mini CRM tool encompassed in Outlook. It is making a particularly important role in many facets of Outlook. It can connect us with our prospects and business partners. To apply BCM, what we should do at first is to get hold of a custom business card that can represent us. We can create a business card for ourselves and design it on basis of our favor. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Design Your Favorite Business Card in Outlook

  1. For a start, you would be required to create a contact as usual. In “Contacts” pane, you can click “New Contact” in “Home” ribbon. Then in the subsequent window, enter your own information including fax, company, job title, email, phone numbers and addresses, etc. It is advisable to add a contact picture.
  2. After completing contact, you will preview business card at the left part of the interface. It is the original and default style. Thus you need to change it into your favored style.Preview Default Business Card
  3. Locate and click “Business Card” in the “Options” ribbon. Then a new dialog box of “Edit Business Card” will arise. Next you can design and edit the card at will. Under “Design” tab, you are able to change its layout, image and background and so on. Under “Edit” tab, we are capable of changing its font style, color and corresponding labels.Edit Business Card
  4. Finally remember click “OK” to save the editing and click “Save & Close” to save the contacts. Thereafter, you are allowed to send your own business card to other people.

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