In-depth Insight into Head Crash on Hard Drive

As we all know, the traditional hard drive has mechanical components, such as the drive head. If a hard drive suffers head crash, the data stored in this disk will be corrupted absolutely. Now, this post will lead you to know more about head crash.

In-depth Insight into Head Crash on Hard DriveHard drive can fail owing to various factors, including physical damages, software faults, power failures and virus attacks, etc. Among all kinds of physical damages, head crash is unquestionably considerably serious. It usually occurs when a drive read/write head comes into contact with the magnetic platter, further leading to damage on this drive. There is no denying that a head crash can cause destructive damage on both the drive itself and its data. Therefore, it is always suggested to make regular backups for your hard drive, which will help a lot in later recovery, similar to recovering corrupt PST from PST backups. Now, in the followings, we’ll expose head crash elaborately.

1. Why does head crash occurs?

A head crash can occur from numerous reasons, such as drive wear and tear after regular and frequent use, misalignment due to over impact, dusts floating around inside the drive, close contact with the drive platters. Of course, at times, the poor manufacturing or too cheap components can be to blame as well.

2. How to identify a head crash?

In order to better cope with a head crash, one of the most important matters of necessity is to identify it as soon as possible. Generally, when you attempt to boot your computer but fail and meanwhile you hear some grinding, clicking or other strange noises from the drive, you can suspect a head crash.

3. How to avoid head crash?

Many users long for an all-purpose approach to prevent such a head crash. But, to be honest, with the hard drive degrading, it’ll surely suffer wear and tear one day finally. At that time, the head crash will happen. Although there is such a mighty precaution, you still could avoid head crash to your utmost. For instance, in daily operations, you should take care of the drive. Never impact or knock it and put it in an appropriate and clean environment.

4. What to do in case of head crash?

If unfortunately you encounter a head crash on your hard drive, perhaps you will get panic. However, it is always recommended to calm down as soon as possible. Otherwise, your hurry and worry will result in more damage on your hard drive. Plus, you ought to stop all operations on the hard drive. Then contact an expert for help. DIY data recovery is not advisable in the event of physical damages on a hard drive. Thus, you should recur to a professional data recovery service, rather than by yourself or falling back on other amateurs.

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