How to Delete Meeting Invitations Along with Tentative Meetings in Calendar

When you are averse to accepting a meeting invitation and delete it via right click in Inbox, you will find that the meeting itself still exists in your Calendar. This article will tell you how to delete them altogether.

I have ever experienced that my schedules in Outlook are filled with quantities of meetings. Therefore, I have to reject some addition and unimportant ones. In order to cancel them, I used to delete the invitations in Inbox directly. But later I found that meetings have been added in calendar. That is to say my deletion in Inbox fails. After a bit of study, I found that deleting the meeting invitation cannot delete the meeting. I have to decline it.

Decline Meeting Invitation

Various methods can help you to cancel meeting just by declining the invitation. You can choose one of the following ways as per your desire.

  1. Provided that you’ve activated the Reading Pane, you can decline in it. Click on the  invitation in Inbox. Then you will see the details show up in the reading pane and a list of responses to be chosen, including “Decline”. You can hit “Decline” button, and select whether send a response or not on basis of your wishes.Decline the Meeting in Reading Pane
  2. Or you can double click on the meeting invitation to open its own message window. Then you can find “Decline” button in the ribbon and choose if you would like to send a response.Decline the Meeting in Open Window
  3. Alternatively, you can head to Calendar Pane and find the target meeting. Next double click to open it. In the new window, you can see the “Decline” button as well.Decline the Meeting in Calendar Pane
  4. The last method is only available for Outlook 2013 and 2016. That is if you’ve enabled the touch mode, you can find “Decline” just on the right side of the reading pane.

Prevent Meetings from Being Added Automatically

Of course, if you have disable meeting from being added automatically, you never need to consider how to delete the forced tentative meeting. To be honest, this can be achieved simply. Take the following steps.

  1. At the very outset, you should go to “file” menu and select “Options”.
  2. Then in the window of “Outlook Options”, switch to “Mail” tab.
  3. Next you should scroll to “Tracking” label, under which you can find the option – “Automatically process meeting requests and reposes to meeting requests and polls”. By default, it is enabled. You should deselect it.Prevent Meetings from Being Added Automatically
  4. Finally click “OK” to save the changes. Since then, the meeting invitation cannot create tentative meetings in your Calendar.

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