A Deep Insight into Scratched Platters in Hard Drive

Hard drive platters are storing data. Hence, it can be catastrophic if something bad occurs to the platters. Now, in this article, we’ll probe into scratched drive platters.

The platters are one of the most crucial components in a hard disk drive (HDD). From the perspective of appearance, they are like CDs/DVDs. Yet, they’re smaller and more complicated in many respects. They’re exactly magnetic storage media, where the data is actually stored in hard drive.

Therefore, as long as anything bad happens to them, your data will get in danger, such as data corruption like corrupt Outlook file. According to related statistics, drive platters being scratched are one of the most common problems. Here we’ll delve into scratched drive platters.

A Deep Insight into Scratched Platters in Hard Drive

How Hard Drive Platters Get Scratched

Generally speaking there are a lot of factors which can result in this terrible case. For example, if you drop your hard drive heavily, the drive components may get impacted, such as head misalignment. Under this circumstance, the heads may be in contact with platters directly, thereby scratching them. In another instance, if you open the hard drive yourself in a non-cleanroom, the dusts in the air will fall on the platters. Next time when drive platters function, they may be scratched by the debris.

What Will Happen If Hard Drive Platters Get Scratched

Maybe you still don’t know how severe hard drive platters get scratched. Thereby, here we will list out 3 matters that will take place in such a terrible event.

1. Damage Heads in Turn

As mentioned in the above part, scratched drive platters often results from heads. In fact, once the platters are scratched to a specific degree, they will damage the heads in turn. More specifically, when a head gets in touch with platters, the head will scratch one of the platters and ruin the magnetic coating on the platter. With more and more debris from the coating inside the disk, the other heads will get compromised.

2. Make Strange Sounds

More often than not, in this scenario, you will hear some strange sounds from the hard disk, maybe clicking, scratching, whirring, chirping, or screeching noises. So, this is the one of main reasons why it is advisable to stop using your hard drive as soon as you hear unusual noises.

3. Render Permanent Data Loss

Without any doubts, the thing that majority of users must be concerned about is the data in the drive. When the platters are scratched, you’ll absolutely find that drive is unreadable. Moreover, sadly, you have to kiss your data goodbye forever, in that the data on the drive platters damaged in this manner are unrecoverable indeed. In other words, it refers to permanent data loss.

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