Dealing with Quirky Active X Errors in Outlook

Due to valid security reasonsth the Ms Outlook application typically enforces restriction on Active X controls in an email message. In other words any email you receive cannot contain an Active X control which can theoretically be used to compromise your system. Now if you ever encounter an error message in Outlook which mentions an Active X related issue, you may end up searching in the dark for an answer. It is quite logical to wonder when the controls are disabled how on earth is it possible for a related error message to creep up. Well the answer would clearly relate to an external component that is being used with Outlook. Let’s look at some possible issues that may have caused the same.


Disable the Ms Word Application as the default email editor for Outlook emails

The primary suspect behind Active X errors being spotted in Outlook involves the Ms Word application. If you have added any plug-ins to the Word program, the chances of such errors can be quite possible. To eliminate the issue, simply disable the Ms Word application as the default editor for composing emails in Outlook.


Check the Signature in use and Disable it, if needed

In some cases you might be using a fancy signature which uses an apparent effect created in Ms Word or some third party application. The signature may include a code piece which is throwing up the error and thus to eliminate the possibility check how it has been created. If needed disable the signature and check if the issue gets resolved.


Disable Recent Third Party Plug-ins that you may have installed

In most cases the issue would get resolved after performing the above two steps. If it still remains, try removing any recent Outlook Add-ins you have installed. Specifically check for plug-ins that may have been added by third party tools like browsers or instant messengers etc.


Reinstall the Application

If everything fails, you would have to consider backing up your Outlook data and reinstalling the application.


Outlook Users Should Always Have a Data Recovery Plan in Place

Anyone who has been using Outlook for years would know that the application is loaded with flaws. Of them PST errors seem to take the cake as they can literally mess up all your emails. Now if you using Outlook to manage your emails, it would make great sense for you to procure a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair to deal with emergencies. The neat application is designed to get back your data irrespective of the extent of corruption noticed in the PST file. It even is useful as an e-discovery tool when you are completely at loss locating the underlying PST data file. Moreover whether you are looking to recover the Address Book entries or the Notes you had made in Outlook, the tool can get them back for you in perfect order.


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