Dealing with Pesky Time Out Errors in Ms Outlook

Of all the error messages ref-time-outthat one can encounter with the Ms Outlook email client, the chances of a time out error cropping up on you is the highest. Time out errors can be caused due to a variety of reasons and can occur during any send/receive action. In this article we would look at its possible causes and look at tips to resolve it.



Check if you are trying to send a large attachment file

A time out error is typically noticed when you attempt to send a large attachment file using the Outlook email client. So it is prudent for you to check whether you had tried to send a large attachment file when you received the error message. Also you need to check if any email is pending in the Outbox and has a large attachment. As a precaution delete any unsent emails in the Outbox to eliminate this cause for the time out error.


The PoP3uidl file may have become corrupt

Now in case a large email attachment is not causing the time out error then there is a huge chance that your pop3uidl file has got corrupted. To resolve this issue you would need to first close your internet connection and all applications that you are running. Next use the windows search to locate the pop3uidl file and delete it. Once the same has been done, just restart your PC and start using Outlook. In most cases the time out error messages would have vanished.


Backup your data and reinstall the Outlook application

In some rare cases you still may receive the error after following the steps above. At first you should check with your email provider whether there is any specific restriction enforced on your account and the attachment limits permitted. If everything is normal and the error still persists you would have to consider reinstalling the application. At first you need backup the email data and then reinstall the application. Also make it a point to create a new profile name for your email ID.


All Errors in Outlook should be looked in to

In case you are receiving any kind of error message in Outlook, it would be prudent for you to diagnose the issue. Ignoring Outlook error messages can prove to be costly as some of them can be a precursor to an Outlook crash and PST corruption. Ideally you should always keep a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair installed in your system to tackle exigencies. This particular application has a stellar reputation for its capacity to assuredly get back data from compromised PST files with minimum effort on your part. In fact it can search out the location of underlying PST files and can even recover HTML format emails. Moreover if your PST files are located in Norton ghost backup file or even a virtual drive, the application can go to work on them with ease.


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