Dealing with Outlook has stopped working error

The Ms Outlook application has over the years cemented its place as the preeminent email client in corporate domain and a huge number of people also use for managing their personal emails too. Boasting of a bouquet of class leading features, this exceptional product hardly has any viable competition in microsoft-outlook-has-stopped-workingthe market. However the application has an uncanny reputation of getting corrupted and throwing up inane error messages out of the blue. In some versions of Ms Outlook while opening your email you may receive a startling error message that bluntly states that your mail client has stopped working. Quite evidently you are likely to get worried and even may consider reinstalling the application to rectify the issue. However the most likely solution this error is much more subtle than an application reinstall.


Step 1: Understand the possible cause behind the error

In order to resolve the issue you need to understand the possible cause behind the error. Most users who have experienced this specific issue have found that the issue has been caused by add-ins and can be resolved easily by modifying the account settings or importing the files into a new profile. However it is advised that you start the Outlook application in the safe mode whereby such add-ins do not load by default.


Step 2: Visit the Windows Control panel and click on the Mail option

To create a new profile, visit the Windows Control panel and click on the Mail option. Under the Mail tab you need to select Show Profiles and then choose the Add a new profile option. Next insert a name of your choice and place the necessary account details. Then make the profile as default by choosing the Always Use this profile option.


Step 3: Press the “Cltr” key and launch the Ms Outlook client in the safe mode

Now you can just press the “Cltr” key and launch the Ms Outlook client in the safe mode. Using the Import option under file menu, select the .pst file, specific to your old profile and then import its contents. Once the data from your old profile has been successfully transferred, try using the application in normal mode. In most cases the error message would cease. In case you require further assistance with creating profiles or importing .pst file you can click on the help tab available in the Outlook top menu bar.


While we do believe the steps mentioned above can help resolve the unforeseen error message that you are receiving and get back your data. However there is an outside chance that your .pst files might have got corrupted and need to get hold of a powerful repair pst tool.  Even though you may come across several applications on the internet that claim to recover .pst files for you, there is hardly anyone who can hold a candle to the sophisticated DataNumen Outlook repair application. It comes loaded with an advanced recovery algorithm that can extract the contents from extensively compromised .pst files and repair them in quick time. Further given its sheer ease of use, it would invariably become your first call whenever you experience any issue with your .pst files.


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