Dealing with Outlook crashes that occur when you attempt to send an email

The Ms Outlook 350x188xOutlookCrash.jpg.pagespeed.ic.S6C-1fBrhHclient is known to throw strange error messages and at times can topple over even when you just attempt to send an email. In fact a lot of users have noticed Outlook crashes when they clicked on the Send/Receive button. Now there is no specific cause behind the occurrence and a host of scenarios may be responsible for this mess. Let’s look at some of steps that you can take to isolate and resolve the issue.


Start with disabling Email scanning in your Antivirus Program

At times the email scanning approach used by an antivirus tool may conflict with the Outlook application and crash it. So you should start by disabling the email scanning feature in your Antivirus application and then restart the system and attempt to send an email.


Remove existing settings for send and receive actions stored in Outlook

Outlook stores the settings for send or receive actions in a SRS file which is typically named after your mail profile, with “Outlook.srs” being a likely choice. You should use the Windows search to locate the file and rename it.


A large PST file or PST errors may be causing the issue

If the steps listed above fail to resolve the issue, a large PST data file or PST errors are most likely to be the cause. So you should run a repair tool to discover and correct such errors. Also once you have recovered the PST files, save a copy of them at a different place for safe storage. Further you can consider reinstalling the Outlook application to rectify the issue. Once the application has been reinstalled, used the repaired PST file to populate the Inbox as before. Next attempt to send an email and most likely it should sail through. In case the issue still persists you should consider approaching a technical support specialist.


PST errors are a grim reality in Outlook and you should be prepared for them

If you have been using the Ms Outlook client without any challenges for some time now, you may be completely averse to the idea that a PST error can crop up, one bright day and mess up all your emails. Unfortunately PST errors are a common occurrence in Outlook client and if you have not encountered them before, it does not mean that they will never occur. In fact as your Inbox fills up with more and more emails over time, chances of the dreaded error coming to light would become high. So the best way to avoid a data loss scenario from a PST related Outlook crash involves investing in an

outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. In case you do land up in a situation, the tool can help you get back your email data along with all contacts, templates, journal entries and even notes in a matter of minutes. Besides it can also be used for breaking up a PST file into parts and backing them up.


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