Dealing with Outgoing Outlook Email Issues in Windows 10 OS

In this article we discuss issues experienced while sending out emails in Ms Outlook, especially while working on the Windows 10 OS

Dealing with Outgoing Outlook Email Issues in Windows 10 OS

We recently, noticed that a number of users are facing problems while working on Outlook on their Windows 10 Operating System. The main problem faced is that the email sent gets jammed in the Outgoing Folder without actually getting sent to the receiver. This is in fact, a very frustrating problem faced by a section of users these days who have recently adopted the Windows 10 OS. So, we thought of dealing with this problem in this article by explaining possible reasons behind such incidences and offering some handy tips to resolve the issue.

Let us first of all describe the problem in detail. The common problem faced by users is that once they have upgraded their OS to the new Windows 10 OS, there MS Outlook 2013 is unable to send email messages. Their important composed email messages are left in the Outbox with the following error displayed on the screen. “Error 0x800CCC13 Cannot connect to the network” Many users have mentioned that although the Send & Receive Test directly from the Outlook Account Settings is working fine, the emails in reality are simply not going out to the receiver.

Now, that we have elaborately spoken about the problem, let us look at the most appropriate solution for this problem. Firstly, it has been observed that the moment a user upgrades to Windows 10 OS, few file settings are getting corrupted on some systems and these corrupt settings are used by MS Outlook making it unable to work properly. But, worry not! As there is a solution for this problem and indeed a step by step procedure is there so as to enable you to send emails without any difficulty or error.

Now let us explain the procedure step by step. First of all, just come out of your Outlook application and open the Windows Search Bar and simply type CMD. After this, you will notice a command prompt will get displayed in your search results. Next, you will be required to just do a right click and choose the option of Run As Administrator and you will notice a prompt command on your screen. Once you see that prompt command, just type SFC/scannow followed by pressing the Enter. After this, the system will start scanning and it will surely take some time to run but once it is completed, you will notice that all your emails are working fine and you are able to send email messages without any error or Outbox.

As a conclusion, it can be said, it is true that errors do appear while working on MS Outlook but for every error, at least one possible and successful solution is there. All you need is to search the solution instead of getting frustrated on the error.

Even in Windows 10 OS, the Outlook application can crash due to a PST error

PST errors can occur in any Outlook iteration irrespective of the underlying Windows operating system. So even if you are running your PC on Windows 10 and have the latest Outlook iteration installed, it does not guarantee you a hassle free experience from PST errors. The best option involves procuring a PST repair tool like the DataNumen Outlook Repair application to deal with contingencies. In case your emails are compromised due to a PST crash, the tool can bring them back in the shortest possible time.

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