Dealing with Messages that Hang Up in the Outlook Mailbox

While 11949839291611221936the_electronic_mail_raph_01.svg.hithe Outlook application is widely regarded as the best desktop based mail client in vogue today, accusations of the software behaving quirkily tend to arise with alarming regularity. Such quirks related to Outlook can be quite widespread in cases of issues like emails getting stuck in the Outbox. For apparently no reason you may find an email that you send not leaving the Outbox and in come cases attempts to delete them too may fail. Let’s explore the issue in depth and look at possible causes and solutions.


A Message Can Hang up If you Open it while it is being Sent

If you attempt to open a message in the Outbox, it can hang up, if the sending process is disturbed. In such cases just exit the Outlook application, restart your system, and then open the Outlook application and delete the message from the Outbox.


A large message gets stuck in the Outbox

If you are attempting to send a large message, it may end up getting stuck in the Outbox. While Outlook has no predefined specifications that restrict the size of an email, your ISP or office administrator may have enforced one. So if a large message is stuck in Outbox, try placing Outlook in the offline mode and delete the message. If it does not work, try restarting the system, after you have placed Outlook in the offline mode. Once the system starts up, open Outlook, delete the message from Outbox and then take it Online.


Tricky Cases May Involve further steps

If you have attempted a restart, after taking Outlook offline, still cannot delete a stuck message from the Outbox, you would have to take up further steps listed below to resolve the issue.

  1. Open the Ms Outlook application and create a New PST file by clicking the Outlook Data File Option which comes under the New tab
  2. Next head to Tools and then to Email Accounts and make the new PST file that you created as the default delivery destination
  3. Now restart the application. This will cause the original Outlook data file to displays in a different set of folders. Move to the Outbox there and delete the email.
  4. Once the message has been removed, you would have to change the delivery destination back to the original file.


Business Emails Need to Be Protected from PST Crashes

A host of people, including small business owners, use the Outlook mail client for handling business emails. Now if you are not working in a corporate environment, with an Exchange server in place, your emails are likely to be stored in a PST file. Now if by any chance the PST files get corrupted, they can bring down the Outlook application and jeopardize all your business emails. Hence it is always advisable to keep the best pst recovery tool available today; the venerable DataNumen Outlook Repair application installed in your system. The application can recover the lost Outlook PST files within a matter of few minutes and is capable of dealing different media types. The tool can also tackle multiple corrupt PST files at once and can recover encrypted PST files with ease.


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