Dealing with flashing while opening a zip file

In our day to day work, we often need to use zip files for storing or transferring data. While working with zip files and their related applications is quite easy, sometime unexpected issues can crop up. These can range from corrupted zip files to intricate error messages that can leave you clueless about their cause. However one of the most curious errors that I have noted while using zip files is the flashing on the screen. At first I was quite perplexed about what might have caused the same and upon eliminating the several possibilities I was able to diagnose the cause which is shared here for your reference.

Typically if you can see just a flashing screen when you have double clicked on zip file, the issue is quite likely related to file association issue. If you have inadvertently selected Internet explorer as the default program to open zip archives it is possible that the zip files instead of getting opened in browser end up in a loop. Thus you would notice  a flashing screen which occurs as the browser attempts to open the archive repeatedly and fails in the process.

In order to resolve the issue you can simply go to your start menu and select Default Programs.  Under the option which gives you the choice to associate a file type with a given application, move down to the .zip format and choose a program which is designed to open a .zip file. Ideal choice would be WinZip, 7zip or any other popular tool that is designed to extract archive files.  In some cases though it still might not work and you may need remove the file association by editing the relevant key in the Windows registry. Ideally this operation should be performed by trained computer technician and you should seek help to achieve the same.


Can flashing signify a corrupted zip file?

While a flashing screen is unlikely to signify a corrupt zip archive, it would be prudent to test the archive by opening it with a program like WinZip. To start with simply launch your zip application and using the Open Window browse to the zip archive. Next select zip archive and click on extract button. In case you find that the archive is corrupt you can take help of an effectual zip repair tool like DataNumen Zip repair to extract its content. This powerful application is designed to seamlessly extract the content of damaged zip files in quick time and can even help recover multiple zip files in one go. Further it comes loaded with the capacity to extract large zip files and can even recover zip files from damaged removable media. Last but not the least the application is designed to even serve as digital discovery tool and is a great addition to your utility collection.

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