Dealing with Corrupt Zip Files in Windows 7 OS

Windows 7 is undoubtedly the most popular Microsoft operating system in vogue today. Quite expectedly it comes with a lot of features and some flaws too. Some of these relate to the difficulty some users experience while trying to open zip archives in Windows 7.

While there may be a myriad of reasons which may prevent zip files from opening, some of them are typical to the Windows 7 operating system.

When it comes to recognizing zip archives, Windows 7 at times fails to recognize a zip archive created at a different system or created by a third party application. Even though the issue is not typical for most systems; such issues are being noticed quite frequently.

One of more peculiar issues related to Windows 7 involves the downloading of zip archives from https servers. At times, content of Zip files downloaded from https or at times files that have been compressed with Mac OS X, end up getting encrypted when we download them to a Windows 7 machine; while the same files open up quite easily on a Windows XP machine. One possible way to resolve the issue involves right clicking on the archive and going to “advanced” tab and unchecking the option “encrypt contents to secure data”.  If this does not work out then one sure needs to get hold of a zip recovery tool.

Another issue that is quite common with Windows 7 is the corruption of file names when a zip file is decompressed.  In such a scenario, the contents of a zip archive do come out properly, however with file names getting all messed up; the decompressed files are virtually of no use.  One of the easiest ways to repair zip file names involves downloading its Hotflix from Microsoft’s support site. More details about the issue can be found at Microsoft’s Support site (Article ID 2704299). However if you find downloading and installing the Hotflix a tricky affair, you can simply use a powerful zip repair tool like DataNumen Zip Repair.

If you encounter  corrupt  zip files on a Windows 7 machine the first thing you should look to do involves getting another copy of the archive from the source. However if that is not possible you may need to go in a for a special zip recovery tool to fix zip file; like the remarkable DataNumen Zip Repair application. It can effortlessly recover your corrupted zip files and resolves issues typical with Windows 7 like corrupted file names.

DataNumen Zip Repair is in fact recommended for small business and corporate alike owing to its host of features that are suited in recovering data from zip files in quick time. It is one of few tools in its class that offers batch recovery of zip files besides inheriting the capacity to recover corrupted archives from different kinds of storage media.  Apart from being a stellar zip recovery tool, the application can serve as a great forensic tool for system administrators.

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