Dealing with an Unknown error message while working on Ms Outlook

With emails becoming the primary medium of business communication, the need for an effective email client is all pervasive. Amongst the several email clients currently in vogue, the Outlook application from the Microsoft stable stands way ahead of its competitors. Even a decade back, Outlook was primarily used by corporate houses but today even private individuals and small businesses have jumped on the Outlook bandwagon. Howeveruntitled this exceptional product has several flaws in its armor and some of the strange error messages that it can throw can even baffle an advanced user. For example when you are trying to read an email or maybe when you are trying to delete a specific message an eerie error message pops up on your screen which says that an unknown error has surfaced. It is also likely to be accompanied by a cryptic error code, which in most cases tends to be 0x80040119. Now before you start get worried by what you have encountered, let us assure you that the issue is most likely to relate to a corrupted .pst file.

Outlook uses personal storage files to store data on the local computer and if you are not using the application with an exchange server, most of your data is getting stored as .pst files. So for all home users and small business that uses the Outlook application with POP3 mail servers like Yahoo, its .pst files that matter. Corrupted .pst files can lead to issues of data loss and your may even loss your crucial emails. So in order to avoid such we suggest that you undertake the following steps in case you encounter an unknown error message.


Step 1: find the filename and path of your Outlook .pst folders

To do so, you need to go to the Control panel and open the User Accounts section. Next you need to click on the Mail option and in the subsequent screen click on Data files. From this screen you need to click on Personal folders and then on Settings option. Once the screen shows up, you need to copy the text present in the filename field.


Step 2: launch the Inbox repair tool

While you can manually find the Inbox repair tool which installs by default when you load Ms Office into your system, it much easier to simply download the Fix it wizard from Microsoft and start it automatically. Once the repair tool is launched, place the filename along with the complete path in it and click on start button. The application will recover the corrupted files which you can then recover by stating the Ms Outlook application.

It must be noted that the Inbox repair tool may not work in all cases especially when large .pst files are involved. Further it cannot help you recover data from extensively corrupted .pst file. In such a scenario you need take recourse to a specialized pst repair and data recovery tool like the DataNumen Outlook Repair. This effectual program comes loaded with sophisticated features to repair and extract contents from thoroughly corrupted personal storage, including those over 2GB in size. Further the application allows you the convenience of recovering the data from a single interface and is way easier to use than the Inbox repair tool.


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