Dealing with an Invalid Address List Error in Ms Outlook

Under the Ms Exchange  捕获environment the Outlook email client can be used for nearly all official communication and collaborative tasks. Incidentally the Outlook application can be used to set meetings, discuss projects in groups, share common calendars and even book resources. Now if you are working on several projects at the same time, it is likely that you would send across emails to different address lists related to these projects. At some point of time you may encounter an error which mentions an Invalid Address list. The issue can be resolved by following a series of evaluation and problem solving steps listed below.


Start By Checking the Address List Name

At the very start you need check whether the name of address list that you have typed is correct to the last character. Once you have reconfirmed the spelling, try sending again. If the issue persists, move on to the next steps.


Check whether the list has been removed from the server or your access curtailed

If your address list is stored in the Exchange server, you need to check with your administrator whether the list is still available or it has been moved. Moreover you should also check whether you still have access to the specified address list.


Delete the existing Outlook Profile and Reset the Mail Server Settings

In case the steps mentioned above fail to resolve the issue you may have to consider deleting the Outlook profile and create a fresh one. Now you should renter the mail server settings provided for your official email ID and start using the new profile. Once the process is complete try sending the email again to the said address list.


Reach out your Exchange Administrator or Technical Support team

If the issue still persists it would make sense for you to reach out the technical support team in your office or the Exchange administrator if you have one. A technical resource can quickly diagnose the issue and check whether the issue is originating in your system or is occurring at the server end.


Ignore Error Messages in Outlook at your own Peril

If your Ms Outlook application has been throwing out error message a little too often then it is time you start thinking of a plan to protect your data. The Outlook application has a predisposition to crash due to trivial errors and it is thus important that you have a pst repair application like DataNumen Outlook Repair around. In case of an Outlook crash this sophisticated recovery program can quickly get back all your email data along with other Outlook data elements like Business Contact Manager data and notes too. Also if you have actively considered reducing the size of your mailbox to prevent crashes, the tool can come in handy break up the large inbox PST file into smaller and properly organized ones. Incidentally the tool allows you to save the recovered data onto a network drive with ease.


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