Dealing with a Pesky log-in failure error in the MS SQL Server

The MS SQL Server today find a rather preeminent place in the pantheon of enterprise database solutions available today, owing to its sublime combination of top of the line features with overall ease of use. In fact many database professional in large entities prefer to use the SQL Server over its illustrious competitors for the sheer fact that it is easy to maintain and administer. However SQL Server too has some flaws which can affect the user confidence. One of this relates to receiving a log-in failure error when one attempts to connect with the database. This is typically noticed once a new instance has been installed and such an issue can really leave you dumbfounded. Let’s explore the issue in detail.



Possible causes for a Log-in failure error in Windows

A log-in failure error in Windows can be caused due to myriad of reasons. Now if you are experiencing the issue in a database instance which has been running for some months, it is possible that you are attempting to log-in with an incorrect or fresh username which does not exist in the system. If that is not the case then you need to consider the next scenario which involves an attempted log-in made from a domain that is not recognized by the SQL Server. It typically occurs while you are tying to log-in from a new machine, typically from another location office which is configured on different Windows workgroup.

Apart from causes listed above, in case you are logging in for the first time, the most common reason behind the issue stems from the fact that the server can only take up log-in through Windows Authentication.


Quick tips to resolve the pesky log-in error

To rectify the issue you should first check whether you are keying in the right username and password and whether the user has been created in SQL database. Next you should also verify if you are trying to access the database through the authorized domain. Once the above two conditions have been met, you should facilitate SQL Server logins in the mixed authentication mode which would eliminate the issue of Windows Authentication. To do so you would have to go to the Server Management Studio and then click on Properties. Next head to the security tab and choose the option “SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode” from the choices available for server authentication.


MS SQL Server is often bogged down by data loss issues due to improper handling

Given the fact that MS SQL Server is used widely across individual departments in segregated manner and in even small businesses, issues of database crash or record drops are regularly noted. In many such places technical manpower is difficult to come by and incidents of data loss can occur. Thus if you are running a SQL Server instance, it would make for great sense to keep a  sql recovery tool like the sophisticated DataNumen SQL Recovery nearby to deal with emergencies. The application incidentally is capable of negotiating the most strenuous of data corruption issues and is extremely dexterous in recovering data from a variety of media types. For instance if your database is mirrored across several drives, the tool can used to track and get back data from them with effortless ease.


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