How to Deal with the Outlook Malfunction Due to a Recently Installed Program

As we all know, Outlook can function improperly from time to time. In this article, we will focus on the error – “A recently installed program may cause Microsoft Office or other e-mail-enabled programs to function improperly”.

When you start Outlook, you may receive this error: “A recently installed program may cause Microsoft Office or other e-mail-enabled programs to function improperly. Outlook can resolve this conflict without affecting the program that originally caused the problem. Do you want Outlook to resolve this problem?” It means that you are faced with the Outlook malfunction.

Confronted with the error, you could click “Yes” button to let Outlook solve this problem by itself. If you click “No” by accident, you can also carry out the similar repair process by renaming Mapi32.dll file and running Fixmapi.exe utility. Of course, apart from the problem related to the Mapi32.dll file, corrupt Outlook file should be considered as well.

Rename Mapi32.dll File & Run Fixmapi.exe

  1. To begin with, close Outlook application and head to “Start Menu”.
  2. Then in the search field, you should type “Mapi32.dll”.Search Mapi32.dll
  3. After the searching process, the according file “Mapi32.dll” will arise. You need to right click the file and choose “Open file location” from the popup right click menu.Open File Location
  4. Next a new window will appear, in which the “Mapi32.dll” is highlighted. You need to right click it and rename it to “Mapi32.old”. Before renaming, you should run as administrator at first.
  5. After that, return to “Start Menu” and search “Fixmapi.exe” program.Search Fixmapi.exe
  6. When “Fixmapi.exe” shows up, double click it to initiate the repair process.
  7. Eventually reboot your computer and try to restart Outlook.

When Outlook starts, it will automatically check for its necessary files, including the Mapi32.dll file. When it can’t find it, Mapistub.dll file will be used instead. But if both of them cannot be found, Setup will replace them automatically.

If Outlook malfunction persists, it may originate from the corrupt Outlook file. In this case, take the following measures.

Launch Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

In the first place, you can make use of Outlook Inbox Repair Tool – ScanPST. You can find it by searching in Windows Explorer. After running it, just follow the onscreen instructions to repair your PST file and resolve the Outlook malfunction.Launch ScanPST to Solve Outlook Malfunction

Resort to Third Party Outlook Repair Software

However, if this problem still cannot be solved, even though you’ve utilized the above two approaches, you have to fall back on third party PST repair software, such as DataNumen Outlook Repair. As long as the Outlook error is involved with PST corruption, it can fix it like a breeze. Moreover, due to its high PST recovery rate, it has shouldered over its peers.

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