How to Deal with Error which Mentions an ID Is Not a Part of Index in MS Access

In this article, we try to find a solution to the error which states that a given ID is not a part of Index in MS Access.

You might have experienced those moments of terror when you are attempting to open one of your painstakingly created Access databases but suddenly come across an error that states ID is not a part of the index for the table. This is an error that indicates corruption of your database. So the reason why this error pops up in the middle of your Access use is the corruption of the file that has now made it inaccessible to you. This is where you need to think of a recovery process and initiate it.Dealing With Error In MS Access Which Mention An ID Is Not A Part Of Index

MS Access Error 3800

ID Is Not An Index In MS AccessThe error that we have spoken about in the above paragraph and will be discussing ahead in this article is error number 3800. The first thing that we usually end up doing after coming across database corruption is to check for database backups and then restore it.

If this does not work, we proceed towards initiating the compact and repair function. And if that too does not work, the last thing we can do is create a new database, or create a new index. So before you proceed towards these lengthier and complex solutions, we will focus more on the easier ones.

Solutions for Dealing with error 3800

If you have already tried the Compact and Repair command option for the database and got no positive result, you will have to proceed towards creating a new database. But even if you are creating a new database, importing objects from the previous table will again put you face-to-face with the same error. So now, even importing the database objects from the corrupted database to the new database is also not an option for you.

In this situation, the next best thing you can try out is the manual export of all database objects to the new database. For this, you are advised to make use of the export tools that are a part of MS Access by default. This is one of the reliable solutions, which will require you to first build a new database on MS Access.

This procedure has known to be helpful in a lot of cases but is not practical in situations where your database holds a large number of objects. Can you imagine exporting hundreds of objects manually to another database? This is the moment when you will have to take a call to either let go of all the data in your database or to make use of a third party software that can help you in recovering lost data.

Common Causes behind the error

There are several causes behind corrupted Access database errors, a couple of them have been listed below.

  1. With multiple users having simultaneous access to the database, there are very high chances of database corruption. On a multi-user network, many users have access to the copy of the database.
  2. Not all users over the network are making use of the same edition. There are several users with access to different editions of the application.

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