DataNumen is a Leader in Complex Data Recovery Technology

Despite the safeguards built into popular software programs, data loss continues to be a prevalent threat to business productivity. Prevention techniques, such as antivirus protection, frequent backups and network firewalls can help minimize the risk of catastrophic data loss. However, even the most advanced preventative measures can fail, and when that happens, an advanced data recovery software may be necessary to recover lost or corrupted data.Data Recovery

Not all data recovery programs are the same. More complicated data, such as SQL coding or Microsoft Outlook files, require specialized techniques to maximize the chances of successful retrieval. For example, recovering Outlook data goes beyond simple email messages. An Outlook data loss may include calendar appointments, contacts, tasks, journals and distribution lists. These data represent vital tools for businesses, and their loss can cripple productivity and cost valuable time and money. All of these data are made up of complex, diverse processes, and a top-quality recovery program addresses all of these different issues. The very best recovery programs, such as DataNumen’s Outlook Repair, provides comprehensive recovery for all of the types of Outlook data, so that users save time with a single, comprehensive solution.

Similar to Outlook data, SQL coding is complex, and unlike more simple data files, it requires incredibly advanced strategies for recovery. SQL recovery is a specialized process, and the team at DataNumen combines SQL expertise with the latest in recovery technology. Our innovative software can help recover SQL data, and while no program can guarantee 100% data recovery, DataNumen promises that no other recovery program can outperform ours. In fact, if users find a program that does recover more data, DataNumen will offer a full refund. Between our cutting-edge recovery technology and commitment to customer satisfaction, DataNumen ensures that our data recovery programs are well worth the investment, especially for those complex processes, such as SQL and Outlook.

As a world leader of data recovery solutions, DataNumen takes pride in helping businesses and individuals protect their time, money and technologies.  To learn more, contact the DataNumen team today.

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