Customizing Calendars in Ms Outlook – A Primer

Calendars have been vogue since the time humans oc_banner_451x451started keeping track of day and time. From paper based calendars we have moved to calendar applications that display data and time on our system. Moreover calendars can be used to schedule our work and plan itineraries and one of the best ways to do so involves the use of Calendar feature in Ms Outlook.  Using the calendar feature you can set appointments for multiple people based on suggested free schedules and create project timelines. You can also take customized printouts of schedules you create for quick referral. While standard ways to use the Calendar in Outlook involves creating appointments and visualizing them on a Calendar, in this article we will look at several ways to customize its views.


  • Tailoring the Outlook calendar to your needs

The Outlook calendar can be molded to your requirements based on your work schedule. For example you can have Monday to Thursday as a normal week while the hours can be set between 1pm to 11pm if needed for a standard day. Moreover you can change the time grid view from the standard thirty minutes to a time frame of your choice. To do so all you need to do is right click on any blank area in the grid and then choose Other Settings. Next under the day tab you need to visit Time scale list and then place the time frame you wish in the grid. Now if you have offices in different time zones, you can create schedules while incorporating the difference. For projects where you need to involve other stake holders you can customize a shared calendar which can accessed by participants.

In case you are looking to set your work week, you need to go to the Tools menu and then visit Options. In the subsequent screen hit on Calendar Options and when the screen shows up, set your preferences for the work week. From the same screen you will get multiple options including ones for Adding holidays or enabling meeting time frame suggestion from participants. Options for adjusting the time zone and resource scheduling are available from this very screen. Moreover you can also adjust the frequency with which free/busy options are updated on your Exchange server.


  • Data contained in Calendars can be at risk due to PST errors

While using the Outlook email client you may encounter PST errors which can jeopardize your data including calendar entries. So whenever do come across a .pst file error just make it a point to secure a powerful repair outlook utility like DataNumen Outlook repair and retrieve the compromised data. Interestingly this versatile application can even split up the recovered PST file into small parts for easy usage.  On a whole the application is very user friendly and even a novice user can get a hang of it in minutes.

Apart from typical email messages, the application can also extract contents stored in attachments or emails present in the HTML format without any difficulty


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