Why Not Create a Custom View to Display Birthdays Only?

To display birthdays only in calendar, you need to create a custom view. This article will talk about how to customize a view in detail.

When we create new contacts in Outlook, we can click “Details” button in “Contact” ribbon to add information of birthdays. Outlook will create recurring appointments and corresponding reminders with accordance to these birthdays in calendar. However, it is inconvenient that we can only see birthdays in View by month. Therefore, in order to display birthdays only, we are required to create a new custom view.

Birthday in Contacts

Detailed Steps to Create a Custom View to Display Birthdays Only

  1. At the very outset, we should go to “Calendar” pane, which is usually viewed by day. We can click “Month” in “Home” ribbon, such that we will be able to see all birthdays by pulling the scrolling bar. But this is not the best method.
  2. Switch to “View” tab and select “Change Views” in the section of “Current View”. In the drop-down list, choose “Manage Views”.
  3. A new window will pop up, in which we should click “Add” button to create a new view. In the subsequent dialog of “Create a New View”, we can name it as “Birthdays”. And click “OK”.Create a Custom View
  4. Then it will turn to another window, namely “Advanced View Settings: Birthdays”, in which we should click “Filter” button. In “Filter”, we should click “Advanced” tab.
  5. Here come the most crucial steps. Click “Field” button. Then locate “All Appointment fields” and select “Recurrence Pattern”. In “Condition” field, we should select “contains”. In “Value” field, we can enter our desired month, such as January, March, October, etc. Finally click “Add to List” button.Filter Setting in View
  6. Next we can type “subject” in Field, choose “contains” in Condition, and type “birthday” in Value. Click “Add to List”.
  7. Later enter “Categories” in Field, choose “doesn’t contain” in Condition, and fill “holiday” in Value. Click “Add to List”.
  8. After clicking “OK”, we will return to dialog box of “Advanced View Settings: Birthdays”. If we would like to highlight specific birthdays, we can click “Conditional Formatting” button to set designated fonts or colors.

After the steps above, we can check it by selecting “Birthdays” in drop-down list of “Change View”.

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