Customize the appearance of Emails with Rules in Outlook 2013

In this article we would look at using rules to organize emails in Outlook and customize where they are stored and where they should appear.
Customize the appearance of Emails with Rules in Outlook 2013
The Ms Outlook email client is filled with several intelligent features that are designed to improve productivity and ease your work. Amongst them the Rules feature is widely used for customizing the organization of emails, spam filtering, generating notifications and an array of other tasks. The best part about rules is that once created, they work automatically to move messages in respective folders that you have designated for a message.
Before explaining how to use rules in Outlook, we would like to throw some light on why there is a need of implementing or including Rules in your emails. Well, as the name suggests, Rules means adding some restrictions or giving some directions to the mailbox for sending or receiving email messages to recipients and senders respectively. This feature enables the user to move messages in specific folders when they arrive or even earmark messages by alerting the user when they arrive. Moreover, you may create a rule to get a particular word in the subject line of an email message when it arrives.
An important thing worth noting about the Rules feature is that it has been designed to manage email messages in two ways, firstly; by organization and secondly by notification. Apart from it, the user must bear in mind that rules include different templates like the option to Stay Organized, Stay Up to Date and Start from a Blank Rule. Talking about them one by one, Stay Organized Rule enables you to follow up and file messages through the subject line of the message. Stay Up to Date Rule notifies you with an alert on your mobile device, when you receive a message from a particular sender. Lastly, Start from a Blank Rule allows you to create your set of rules for receiving email messages.
Now, comes the turn to explain the most important thing and that is how to create rules in Outlook. To create a rule that is based on a list of senders or recipients, you first need to go to the Home tab and then choose the Move group and click on Rules. Choose any of the suggested rules and click on a Destination Folder. Once this is done, click on Ok. You may also choose the option of Create Rule. If you choose Create Rule, then choose the check boxes for your particular conditions under the option “When I get email with all of the selected conditions.” After this, choose the check boxes you desire under Do the following followed by choosing the check box with Move item to folder. Once this is done, click on an Existing Folder or on a New Folder to create a folder to save the messages. Lastly, click on Ok.

Rules painstakingly created in an Outlook application may be lost after an Outlook crash
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