How to Customize the Appearance and Themes of Reports in MS Access

In this article we look at how to customize the appearance of Reports to match a particular office project

One of the most crucial feature in MS Access that can be used to make sense of the complete database is the Reports feature. Reports feature in Access application provides you with a comprehensive summary of the complete database, in the form of pie charts and other tools. Through the use of reports in MS Access, a database can be understood with just a cursory look as well. Like many other features in MS Access, the Reports feature also allows for ample amounts of customization, in the form of appearance. One of the most commonly made changes in Access reports include the alterations in the appearance and themes of reports, according to the project it has been created for.Customize The Appearance And Themes Of Reports In MS Access

Formatting Reports in MS Access

Working With Appearance And Themes Of Reports In Ms AccessThere are a lot of different options in MS Access that allow you to change the appearance of the Access reports you create. Simply creating these reports is not sufficient; you also need to make sure that they are in sync with the Office project they have been created for. So to ensure that the appearance of your Access report matches the office project, do the following things.

  1. Add Headers and Footers – One of the most crucial elements of the appearance of a report is the header and footer. Make sure your report has appropriately placed headers and footers, so that it is easy to decipher where it begins and where it ends.
  2. Add Logo – Your Access report is no less than a trailer for the database you have created. Make sure it is relevant, as well as catchy. The first thing that becomes visible in your report is the logo, so spend enough time and brains on it.
  3. Add Colors – This is not to make your report flimsy, but to only make it more attractive. By adding colors to your report, you can instantly add liveliness to its appearance.

Apart from these broad changes, you can make multiple other minute changes in the appearance of your Access reports. These changes include adding numbers to header and footer in your Access reports, adding text in header and footer, etc. All of the above suggested modifications will require you to follow a given procedure. Make sure you follow the steps, and make your Access reports more attractive and comprehensive.

Themes and Fonts in MS Access Reports

The default theme in your Access Database is the Office Theme, although this is a professional theme, you have the option of choosing from other themes as well. When you choose to apply a particular theme on your Access database, you make changes to the font, color, and theme of the entire database. Changing the theme of the database is a more consistent way of changing the appearance of the database this will not only make the database more uniform, but will also make it more synced with your Office Project. This is also the kind of change that will have to be implemented by following a proper set of procedure, so make sure you are well versed with the application, and don’t do it more harm than good.

If you are going to put an extra effort in formatting reports, it makes sense that you preserve them from being corrupted by an Access crash. Hence investing in a mdb recovery tool is a good idea for professional who use Access on a regular basis.

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