Custom ChatGPT! Try Now! Create Your Own ChatGPT!

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Now you can create your own ChatGPT by defining its characteristics!


1. Define the ChatGPT Character:

  1. Click “Advanced Options”.
  2. Choose one of the following characters:
    1. A friendly AI assistant(Default)
    2. A cute girl
    3. An elegant scholar
    4. An omniscient professor
    5. Define your own
      The first 4 characters are predefined. If you choose the fifth character “Define your own”, then you can define your own character, as below.
  3. In the “Role” text box, you can input the role of your character, such as “An engineer with a lot of knowledge in data recovery, forensic, etc.”
  4. In the “Creativity” slider, you can set the creativity of the character, from value 0 to 200. A higher creativity value means the answer will be more diverse and creative. A lower creativity value means the answer will mainly be generated based on the training data.

After you change the settings, you can see “Processing …” text below. After a while, it will become “Changes Saved”, which means your changes have been saved successfully.

2. Start Chatting

Now you can input in the chatbox below,  see more details:

  • A friendly AI assistant(Default)
  • A friendly AI assistant(Default)
  • A cute girl
  • An elegant scholar
  • An omniscient professor
  • Define your Own
Word Count: 0
Most conservative Most creative

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