How to Save Your Time by Creating and Using Excel Templates

Excel has a wide range of usage in our work. And we will talk about how to create and use Excel templates to save your time in work.

In an Excel file, you will certainly input the data and information. And sometimes, you will find that you need to input some information repeatedly. Therefore, you may wonder if you can avoid input the same contents every time you open a new file. Thus, you can choose to create a template and store the contents.

An Example of Excel File

This image below is a worksheet of sales volume of products.An Example of Excel Template

And each month, you need to create a new file and input the same information about the month and the product name. Copy and paste can be a method, but using the template can be more convenient.

Create Excel Templates

Now, we will display the steps on how to create Excel templates.

  1. Create a new workbook.
  2. Input the same information into a worksheet.Create a New Worksheet
  3. Then click “Files” in the ribbon.Click Save As
  4. And click the button of “Save As”.
  5. Then input the file names into the text box.
  6. In the “Save As” window, click the button next to the “Save as type”.Click the Save As Type Button

And then you will see a new menu.

  1. In this menu, choose the option “Excel Template”.Choose Excel Template

Normally, the storage path will be in the default path. And you can see it in this window.The Storage Path

Thus, if you need to delete the template, you can come to this folder.

Open the Template

  1. Now you need to create a new Excel file for this year, and you can use the template directly. Open the new blank workbooks.
  2. Then click “File” in the ribbon.
  3. Then click “New”.
  4. And in the options in the left, choose the “My templates”.Click My Template
  5. In the new window, you can see that there is the template that you have previously created. Click your mouse to select it.The Created Template
  6. And then click “OK”. Thus, the template will appear in your new workbook. So you can see that using this feature is very convenient for you to finish some tasks that need the same format.

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