Creating split Zip files – A Primer

The amount of data proliferating our world today has reached monumental proportions. Even an average user may have today data running into tens of gigabytes if one takes in account their music and video collections. At times such data needs to be securely backed up and one the best way to do so involves using a zip application to create encrypted zip archives. While you can store the entire data one single zip file, often the need of splitting up a file comes into focus given the restrictions of storage media.

Scenarios for Splitting Up Zip files

Let’s assume you have 20 GB of data and you wish to back them up in DVDs. While creating a single zip file is a possibility, the storage restrictions of a typical DVD will allow you to safely store around 4.7 GB of data only. Thus while you are creating the backup archive you should place parameters which breakup the zip file after every 4.7GB  of data is encompassed.

There can be numerous occasions where you may need to split up a large zip file. In case you wish to send a large zip over email, you may quickly find that your email service does not allow you send files over 25Mb in size. In such a scenario, you would need split up the zip file in parts. Similarly if you are looking to host data on a website for download, instead of placing them in a single zip file, breaking them into parts would be ideal for facilitating quicker downloads.

How to Split a Zip file

In order to split a zip file, you need to get hold of a good zip application. Most popular zip application tools like Winzip offers you the capacity to quickly split up zip files with minimum effort. When you are creating a new zip archive, in the Add window, you just need to specify the size of each part in the “Split Zip file” field.  In case you are looking to split an existing zip file, you just need to select the file and in the Actions tab click on Split. After that you just specify the name of file and size of the individual parts.



Dealing with corrupt split zip files

Sometimes a split zip file may not open properly or may get corrupted while being downloaded from the internet. In such a scenario the best option involves using a powerful recovery tool like DataNumen Zip repair to extract the contents of the split zip file. The application is an highly effectual zip repair utility which can recover the content from a split file while maintaining the consistency of data. If your organization uses zip files for backup then it would be prudent on your part to keep DataNumen Zip repair close to you.


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